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Yes – in some cases a lender will call your place of employment to confirm that you do in fact work there and to make sure you are eligible. The caller will not state that they are from a payday lender and will just be looking for confirmation of employment.

You should be aware that if they do call your company they will probably want to talk to you, instead of talking to a colleague or your boss. They will want to verify that you do work at the company – something that is a key eligibility requirement for a payday loan.

They will also want to confirm that you make over $800 per month – another criterion for lending. Don’t worry – lenders are usually discreet about why they were calling and so you won’t need to be concerned someone will find out you’re in financial difficulty. They are not required to state where they are calling from.

Will A Personal Loan Company Contact My Employer?

  • Yes – they might call your employer to confirm your employment
  • They will use this information before or during they have lent you money
  • The lender will want to speak to you and will not talk to your boss
  • They use this information as part of the underwriting and due diligence process

Why Would A Lender Call My Place Of Work?

If You Are Late On Your Repayments

If you are struggling to repay your loan and have missed a payment then a lender might contact you. If they can’t get hold of you on your cell phone, email address, or by mail, they might resort to getting in touch with you at your office. On average 91% of borrowers cannot repay their loan at the end of the term of the loan.

When they call they will not reveal where they are calling from and so people won’t know that you have bad credit or are in debt. Your employer will have no idea what they are calling about.


A lender will only call your office to confirm that you work there or to chase missed payments if they can’t get hold of you otherwise.

To Confirm Where You Work

It is common for loan applicants to put down false employment details to try and show that they are in employment. They do this to try to boost their chances of getting a loan. To counter this, lenders have processes in place to verify if you really do work where you claim you do.

As part of the background checks when getting a loan, the lender will check where you work. They need to confirm that you are in employment and making the minimum salary each month ($800). If they call your place of work and ask for you, then when they get put through to your number it will give them peace of mind that you really do work there.

To Double Check Your Personal Details

Some lenders will need to confirm personal details by phone. This doesn’t happen with every app but does sometimes. They will first try to contact you through your cell number and email but sometimes will need to call your office if they can’t get hold of you. They will want to confirm the amount you want to borrow, the length of time you’ll want the loan, any debt you might have, and what your monthly expenses are.

Can I Stop A Lender Calling My Workplace?

Lenders will only want to speak to your employer if you have missed a loan repayment. They will do this as a last resort and will always try to contact you first via other means.

If you don’t want them to call your employer you should be proactive and call them first. If you get in touch with them directly this will mean that they won’t call your employer. You might even be able to come to an agreement in terms of payment terms. If you can’t make the full repayment on your next payday then you could look at paying the amount back in installments.

It is important to know that a lender will probably only call your employer as a last resort after you have taken out a loan. It is important to be ahead of the game and get in touch with them before they try and get in touch with you.

How Does A Lender Confirm My Loan Eligibility?

A lender will put in place certain conditions that you need to meet before they give you a loan. They need to make sure you are eligible for a payday loan and that you will be able to make the monthly repayments. This sometimes involves them calling your employer but not always.

They need to confirm the following information:

  • That you’re over 18 years of age
  • You are a citizen of the US
  • You have a live bank account
  • A cell phone number where they can call you (otherwise they might need to call your office)
  • Minimum income of at least $800

Can I Confirm My Employment Status In A Different Way?

If you are worried about a lender calling your workplace then there are other ways to confirm that you are in employment. If your loan is being processed then you could use a payslip or paystub to show your employment with the lender.

This could be weekly or monthly payslips – anything that shows you are in regular employment and are making over $800 per month. They want to confirm that you can pay back your loan on time and use this information as part of a background check. Some lenders do not need proof of employment – but for those that do, you might need to send documentation or talk to them on the phone.

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