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If you need money asap, Capital Bean offers a fully online process so that you can get an instant decision, approval and funding within 1 to 24 hours. Simply enter your details using our online form and if you meet the criteria, you can receive $300, $500, $1,000 or more into your account today.


How it Works

Step 1

Apply online, enter your details 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and get an instant decision on the screen.

Step 2

Accept your loan offer and complete the loan agreement by electronically signing it using an email link and unique SMS code

Step 3

Go through our final checks and once fully approved, receive funds transferred to your bank account in 1 hour, 24 hours or the next business day!

Why Should
I Use
Capital Bean
if I
Need Money Now?

We offer a fast and effective solution if you need money right away. With a fully online application form, we act as a loans connection service that will match your loan request with the best lender across the US, with the most competitive rates and terms based on your criteria and needs. 

Whether you are looking to borrow $300 or $500 for an emergency or $1,000 or $2,000 for a larger purchase, we are able to work with all kinds of employment (part-time, full-time, self-employed) and credit histories too (good, fair and very bad credit).

Best of all, it is completely free to use our service and it will not impact your credit score in any way. Once completed, you will receive an instant approval on the page which could be a personal, payday, title, unsecured loan or anything in between. 

The loan offer will be clearly presented, including the rates and terms and you can choose if you wish to proceed or not. We simply act as an introducer to help find the best loan product for you. Sounds good? Yes please!


5-Star Review


Representative Example

Based on: $500 loan at 292% APR (which may vary based on good or bad credit).

Total fees and interest: 2 weeks ($546.25), 1 month ($592.27), 6 weeks ($638.05), 2 months ($683.59), 3 months ($773.95), 4 months ($863.39)

What if I Need Money Today – Am I Eligible?

To be eligible, the criteria is that you must:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Have a SSN (social security number)
  • Be living and working in the US permanently
  • Employed full time or part time 
  • Have a working US bank account
  • Have an email address and cell phone
  • Be able to repay your loan on time

If you need money today, this is often possible, using our online application process. With small loans of $200 or $300, this is typically automated and can be processed immediately and funded within 1 hour. 

For larger amounts, such as $1,000 or $2,000, this can take a little longer and may be subject to more checks, such as speaking to the lender over the phone or needing proof of income or bank details.

However, if you have a good or fair credit score, are employed and have a strong commitment to pay your loan on time, you can certainly receive the loan you need ASAP or right away. To maximize your chances of fast approval, be sure to apply during work hours of 9AM to 5PM and be available to respond by email or phone once you have completed your loan request.

What if I Need Money With Bad Credit?

If you need to get money with a bad credit, we are able to help. By working with over 50 lenders across America, they are willing to consider all types of backgrounds and credit histories. Many of our lenders work solely with people with bad credit and have therefore adjusted their rates, terms and products accordingly. 

Although you may have poor credit, you will need to have regular employment and be earning a stable wage so that you can afford to repay your loan on time. Whilst we have a number of unsecured options, we may also offer products that are well tailored for people with bad credit such as title loans, secured loans, co-signer or credit union. 

You should always seek professional help if you are having financial difficulty and should not use loans to help pay off other revolving debt.


Get The Best Rates from Lenders Across The US


We Process Over 2,000 Loan Applications Everyday


Bad Credit Considered and Same Day Funding Available

Need Money Right Away? Read Our FAQs

How Much Can I Borrow From Capital Bean?

We offer loans from $100 to $35,000 which can be repaid over 1 to 60 months, either in one large repayment, like a payday loan or over installments. The sum of money that you can borrow will be based on numerous factors including your age, income, credit score, residential status, affordability, employment and state laws where you live. We always aim to match the amount you wish to borrow as closely as possible and will be able to pair your enquiry with numerous lenders and products to find you the best fit.

Do You Offer Loans for People With Bad Credit or No Credit?

Yes, our panel of lenders are willing to consider all types of credit histories, including fair credit, poor credit and no credit. There are several different types of lenders who cater specifically to bad credit scores – and we have been able to match up thousands of customers to date. 

To be eligible, having a stable income and employment will always back up your ability to repay your loan and help you get the loan you need. In some cases, you may need to use collateral or a valuable asset and this can help you borrow money against this item.

I Need Money Fast – What Should I Do?

If you need money quickly, you should always speak to family members and friends. Very often, they can loan you some money free of charge and with flexible repayment dates. If you are having long-term financial issues, you should speak to a debt professional. You must always explore other low cost options such as using credit unions or using a garage sale to sell old items.

What if I Need Money Desperately?

If you need to borrow money desperately, you should speak to a financial professional or consider sitting down with some close family members to discuss a plan. However, if you are confident that you can repay your loan on time, we are delighted to offer a free and effective way to borrow money that can offer funds within 24 hours.

What if My Loan Application is Declined?

If your application is declined, you will not incur any fees, charges and your details will not be passed to any other third parties without your permission. Your loan enquiry will not impact your credit score either way and you are free to look at other viable alternatives to help you get the loan you need.

How Much Does a Loan Cost From Capital Bean?

The cost of our loans range from 9.9% to 600% APR depending on the type of product and the risk for the lender. Other  factors are taken into consideration such as your employment and income, credit score, affordability and the length of your loan.

For those customers with good credit scores, you may be connected to unsecured or personal loans starting from 9.9% APR and even a secured loan may start from 3% if you have a lot of security or collateral. But generally speaking, for customers with bad credit or those looking for payday loans, you may be paying around 300% to 600% APR, usually because the rates of these products are adjusted for poor credit and because they are short term and the rate is inflated as a result.

I Need Money Immediately – Can You Help?

Yes, we are able to transfer funds to your bank account within 15 minutes, 1 hour or 24 hours. With our automated decision engine, you can receive an instant decision and if you wish to proceed and have passed the further checks, you can get money into your account as fast as possible. In some cases, those with very good credit scores and a strong repayment history can receive money immediately.

What Can My Loan Be Used For?

The loans from Capital Bean are best suited for short term and emergency purposes, with a fixed repayment date in sight and not to be used as a long term solution or revolving credit. For example, paying for car repairs, utility bills, household repairs, medical bills, funerals and childcare costs.

Our larger loans of $3,000, $10,000 or $20,000 can be used for more lifestyle purchases and expenses such as new cars, starting a business, home improvements and gifting to family members.

Can I Get a Loan if I am Unemployed or Have No Income?

Typically, we are unable to offer loans for people who are unemployed and you will normally need to be earning a minimum amount of $500 or $800 per month to be eligible for some loan products. In some cases, you may be able to borrow by leveraging a valuable asset such as a car or property and this can allow you to borrow money and be helpful for people who are between jobs. If you are on welfare, in the army or have retired and receiving a pension, you may be able to use this as income, rather than stating you have no income.

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