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Key Points: 

  • Budgeting apps help you track your spending and spot where you can afford to spend less. 
  • Apps such as Mint and Honeydue are available for free for users, while some apps, such as PocketGuard, require payment for advanced versions. 
  • Some apps, such as Mint remind you to pay your bills, while others, such as PocketGuard, can help you automatically save. 
  • In 2018, 17% of Americans were using at least one budgeting apps.
  • If you don’t fancy an app, try creating your own, manual spreadsheet. 

How Would Budgeting Apps Help Me?

Budgeting apps are designed to help you save money, and they do just that. 

With heavily positive feedback on the app store and online review sites, they are popular among users and are simple to use. So what do they do?

Budgeting apps are linked to your credit and/or debit cards to track what you spend daily. From that point, the apps categorize your spending into ‘food/drink,’ ‘travel,’ ‘subscriptions,’ and more. They show – and sometimes illustrate – what you’re spending and where. This helps you understand where you are overspending and show you where to  cut back. 

Some budgeting apps, such as Honeydue, let you set up direct payments to a savings account from your current accounts. This makes saving automatic, removing your need to constantly remember to move and save money yourself.


online budgeting

Spot where you’re overspending with the help of budgeting apps – for free!


Which Apps Are There?

When choosing a good budgeting app, you are virtually spoilt for choice. You may be better off downloading some free apps and looking at them before deciding which you like best. 


Free Apps

Mint – a favorite among consumers. Easy to use, allows you to customize a budget, track your spending on subscription services, track various credit cards and even helps you pay monthly bills through setting personalized reminders and alerts. Available to Android and iOS users, Mint is free and ready to help you save! 

Honeydue – their USP is that they help those who live together communicate and manage their finances together. With an in-app chat, you can separate financial and personal conversations. Honeydue even offer their own Honeydue bank accounts, which don’t come with any fees, but do come with a free debit card.

PocketGuard – arguably the best easy-to-use app. With a free edition, and advanced options which you can pay for, this apps designers had all kinds of budgeters in mind. It shows how much money you have, how much your bills are and the excess money you have once they are paid for. Their personalized pie charts make saving palatable and help you understand your situation. PocketGuard helps you automatically save, and is a great starting point for those trying to change their financial habits.


Apps That Cost 

YouNeedABudget – this popular app offers a free trial before advancing to the paid version. With excellent customer support and a 34 days free trial, YNAB is a great option!

Stash – paid but affordable.  Versions can cost you $1, $3, or $9 per month, depending on your purchase package. With Stash, you can access a debit card to earn stocks when you use it. Stash has no overdraft fees or minimum balances and is a great and accessible option.


Richard Allan

Richard Allan

Richard Allan is the founder of Capital Bean and a passionate writer about personal finance, budgeting and how to save money at home and work.

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