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Are you looking for Short Term Loans in the USA? Capital Bean is ready to help. Click on “Get Started” and you could borrow between $100 to $35,000 and the financing could be in your bank account within 24 hours.

Representative Example:
On an assumed loan amount of $700 over 6 months. Rate of Interest is 81.5%. Representative 163 %APR. Total repayment amount $1,137.37 and total interest is $437.37. 6 monthly payments of $94.78

Where Are Short Term Loans Available Near Me?

Short Term Loans - What Are They?

Short Term Loans enable you to borrow any amount between $100 and $35,000 for a short period of time – typically for just a few months. Capital Bean offers loans to be repaid over anywhere from 60 months all the way down to 1 month. The loan installments will always be paid monthly in equal installments and are designed to give you a buffer until you get in to a better financial position. Or they could be used if you have a particularly large expense which could be to start a new business, buy a new or used car, consolidate debt or even to gett married.

The money can be received upfront to make your purchase which you will then pay back simply each month. The money will be collected on the same day each month which you will agree ahead of time with the lender. Many borrowers set the loan repayment date to be the last day of the month or whichever day they receive their pay check.

Unsecured, payday and installment loans are all examples of short term loans. These are considered short term loans as they are usually used for short term purposes and not used over a long period of time like a mortgage.

At Capital Bean we partner with a wide range of short term lenders in the United States. We partner with stores, apps and local lenders so that you have the widest choice and will be connected with the lender that is best for you.

Does Capital Bean Lend Short Term Loans for Borrowers with Bad Credit?

Yes – we help those with poor credit histories receive short term loans. To make sure you can receive a loan with a bad credit history you need to make sure that you meet the criteria laid out below which makes you eligible. Criteria includes being in stable employment with a consistent income, being over 18 years old and also being able to afford to repay your loan each month.

We understand that emergencies can happen which means that you don’t always have a perfect track record for your credit history. At Capital Bean we like to work with those who are committed to paying their loan back each month and on time. If you’re committed to meeting these goals then we have a number of short term lenders that can help you right now.

Some lenders specialise and work with lenders who have a good credit rating, but we also work with a number of partners with a range of products for those with a bad credit rating. The lenders that work with poor credit ratings might offer slightly raised rates, or offer loans with a longer term to give you more room to pay it back. Our partners might also offer products including title loans against a car, or a secured loan that has a backing by another asset. With a secured loan you do not need to have as good a credit score to meet their eligibility criteria.

How Do I Become Eligible For A Short Term Loan From Capital Bean?

When working with Capital Bean and our lenders we will always carry out a number of checks to guarantee that you can afford to pay back your loan on time. The majority of our lenders will carry out a credit check to make sure that you don’t fall into financial difficulty but the partners that we work with will always consider different backgrounds and a wide range of credit scores.

The laws governing payday loans will differ depending on your state. Some have direct limits on how much you can borrow. Check out our state specific borrowing pages for more information on how borrowing is regulated in your area.

In stable employment
Over the age of 18 years old
Full time resident of the United States
Earn over $800 per month (full or part-time)
Have an active checking account for your loan to be paid into.

Does Capital Bean Offer Short Term Loans Directly?

No, Capital Bean does not loan directly. We match your enquiry for a loan with the lender that best suits your needs. We always work with US lenders who can give you the best rates. We use technology to analyse and process thousands of data points when you put in an application for a loan. The technology-drive-platform that we use means we can find the best lender for you.

There are benefits of working directly with a lender as it means your details are not shared with others. It also means that you know who you are working with every time you get a loan.

However – do not worry, Capital Bean is dedicated to security and offering a secure platform. After the lender has made a decision about a loan you then can work directly with your chosen lender. This means you can have full peace of mind that your personal details are not being shared with third parties and are safe. There are no other middlemen involved.


How Do I Make My Loan Repayments?


After you’ve been accepted for a loan your repayments will be collected equally in monthly installments. Depending on the duration of your loan you could make anywhere from one to 60 monthly payments.

Your repayments will always be collected automatically through a system known as ACH (Automatic Clearing House). The money will be collected automatically on the due date which is usually the date of your pay check, or the last day of the month.

Using ACH means that you don’t have to do anything as the payments are taken automatically from your account. You don’t need to make a manual payment, call the lender or go to the bank. This makes it incredibly straightforward to make your monthly payment.

Lenders always give the option to repay your outstanding loan amount early. If you contact your lender directly you can find out how to do this. Clearing your account early could save you extra money in interest. Make sure to read the lender’s terms and conditions closely before paying off your loan early.

How Can I Apply Online for Short-Term Loans with Capital Bean?

Online Application in Under 5 Minutes

The entire loan application can be completed online. It takes no more than 5 minutes and can be filled out on your laptop, tablet or cell phone. The lenders require some basic personal details including your monthly or yearly income, where you live, expenses, the amount you want to borrow and finally how long you want to borrow it for.


An Instantaneous Decision and Signature on your Loan Agreement

You won’t have to wait long for a decision as the lender will immediately give you a provisional loan offer after you fill out your details. You can even choose to proceed right away! For security you’ll need to sign the loan agreement electronically using a PIN code sent to your cell phone and then a unique link sent to your email address. This all just takes a few minutes. The lender you decide to work with will then proceed with some more checks and get your funding application ready to be financed.

Money Sent to your Account

After Step 1 and two you will be fully approved and checked. At this point your lender will get your loan ready to go so that it can be sent to you in one payment directly to your bank account. Money can be ready to go in just 15 to 60 minutes. Larger amounts take slightly longer but it can still be paid on the same day or within 24 hours or the next working day!

Why Should I work with Capital Bean as a Lender for my Short Term Loan?

If you’re looking for a short term loan lender then Capital Bean is happy to be available when needed. Our process is fully online and we don’t charge upfront fees. We know speed is important to you so we always aim to get a decision and most importantly, the funds, into your account as quick as possible.

We are a loan connection service which means we can maximize the chance you’ll be accepted and funded within 24 hours, and sometimes the same day! Because we work with a huge range of lenders it means you don’t have to approach lenders 1-by-1 or even go to the bank. We immediately connect you online with over 50 competitive lenders who will give you the best option tailored just for you.

Options are available for low credit scores and also for those with no credit checks. We are happy to have helped thousands of customers successfully apply for a loan to date. We are looking forward to being your short term loans partner. On top of all of this we make sure to take extra measures to keep your personal details safe and will never pass these on to anyone else without your explicit permission.

Can I Get a Short Term Loan Without Having a Credit Check?

If you want a short term loan without having a credit check it might be a challenge since most of our lenders run a credit check to confirm whether you are eligible. They usually want to check your previous credit history and your history in repaying other types of loans as past behaviour usually predicts future behavior well.

However – if you’re looking for a no credit check loan we can help you out! We have a number of lenders that we work with who will take into account different circumstances and backgrounds. So don’t worry.

If you want to go down the no credit check route you might be given an option from an app, credit union or maybe even a secured product which could be a home loan or title loan where you might require collateral. In this situation your credit score is not always required.

What Kinds Of Information Will I Need To Apply For A Short Term Loan

It’s pretty straightforward to apply for a Short Term Loan. You’ll need some basic personal details including your full name, age, where you live, income, driver’s license number or State ID, expenses, whether you have a valid checking account, email address, your phone number, how much you want to borrow and over how many months.

Capital Bean will match you with a lending partner automatically. If you do want to go ahead with your loan then they will do a couple of extra checks. If your application is approved then the money could be in your account within 24 hours or latest the next business day.


We can find you a loan between $100 and $35,000. The total amount that you’re able to borrow will depend on a number of factors including how much you earn per month, full or part time employment, your residential status, affordability and credit score. For long term loans they will be spread out over longer periods.

Capital Bean offers loans anywhere from 1 to 60 months in length. They will be repaid in instalments which gives you the option to pay back quickly or over a much longer term. If you want, you can always repay your loan early if you want to. This could save you money in the long term if you do this.

In some cases we can get your money in your bank account in just 15 minutes to an hour. We can get you these loans quickly for amounts that are under $1,000. If the loan is a larger amount then we can still get you the month on the same day (in about 24 hours), the next day or within a few days of applying.

The typical APR for a Short Term Loan is anywhere from 36% to 600% APR depending on your credit score, income and residential status. A payday product is usually between 300% and 600% APR because they are typically used for a short period of time. The APR is typically high because it is shown as if it was over a full year, and not just over a short period of time. Unsecured or personal loans, especially if you have a good credit, can be around the 36% APR mark. Even the state you live in can impact the rate.

We provide loans including installment, payday, bad credit, secured, unsecured, credit union and apps. A number of options might be provided or just the best one according to your personal circumstances.

If you are having issues repaying your loan then the lender will contact you to work out something that is more affordable for you. One of the options could be to increase the amount of time you have to repay the loan. If you do have to default on your payment you might incur a late fee and also could impact your long term credit history. Make sure to keep your lender up to date if there are any changes in circumstances so that you don’t get impacted negatively.