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International Chambers of Commerce (ICC) bring together businesses, individuals, and governments worldwide to foster international trade, investment, and cultural exchange. These chambers are a vital link between the local and international business communities, promoting economic growth and development through various programs and initiatives.

Located in the vibrant state of Florida, several ICCs have established themselves as leaders in promoting international relationships and fostering cross-cultural exchange. Florida is a hub for international business and trade. These ICCs are critical in connecting companies and individuals with the resources they need to succeed in a global marketplace.

By providing access to networking events, trade missions, and market intelligence, ICCs in Florida help businesses build relationships, expand their reach, and grow their operations. They also play a crucial role in fostering goodwill and understanding between nations and citizens, promoting cultural exchange, and encouraging collaboration and cooperation on a global scale.

And The Winners Are:

  1. The French American Chamber of Commerce
  2. The Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce
  3. The Uruguayan American Chamber of Commerce
  4. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Tampa Bay
  5. The Bangladesh American Chamber of Commerce
  6. The Woodland Park Chamber of Commerce
  7. Lafayette Colorado Chamber of Commerce
  8. Logan County Chamber of Commerce
  9. Palisade Chamber of Commerce
  10. Parker Chamber Of Commerce
  11. Summit Chamber of Commerce
  12. The Superior Chamber of Commerce
  13. The Westminster Chamber of Commerce
  14. The Boulder Chamber of Commerce
  15. The Fruita Area Chamber of Commerce
  16. The Northwest Douglas Area Chamber of Commerce

1. The French American Chamber of Commerce

The French-American Chamber of Commerce (FACC) located in Florida is a non-profit organization that aims to facilitate the development of trade relations between French and American companies. The organization is led by a board of 19 members and has a team of bi-cultural staff based in Miami, to support its members.

The mission of FACC is to support French companies willing to establish their operations in Florida, and provide high-quality services to its members through business orientation, networking opportunities, education and training activities, and employment services. The organization has a powerful network of partnerships with French and Floridian authorities and institutions, which provides added support to its members. The president of the FACC Miami office is Christophe Poilleux.

The FACC Miami office provides its members with various services including business plans, networking events and receptions. The organization aims to support the growth of its members’ businesses through these services and events. Additionally, the FACC Miami office also provides education and training activities for its members to keep them updated with the latest developments in their respective industries. The organization’s goal is to help create a vibrant and successful business community between France and Florida.

Where Can I Find The French American Chamber of Commerce?

How Can I Contact The French American Chamber of Commerce?
Tel: 305 374 5000

2. The Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce


The Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida (HACCOF) is located in Miami and was established in February 2005. The primary mission of HACCOF is to serve as a resource for its members, partners, and businesses, dedicated to serving their needs and the economic development of the broader Haitian-American community.

HACCOF is dedicated to advocating for the Haitian-American community and serving as a resource for consumers and businesses. The organization promotes economic growth through networking, business advocacy, and supporting its members.

The benefits of becoming a member of the Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida include access to a network of like-minded professionals. This network allows members to grow their business and their community while mutually benefitting the goals of each individual. There are also news and press releases and sponsors of the Chamber, who continually support and advocate for the needs of Haitian-American businesses.

Where Can I Find The Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce?

How Can I Contact The Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce?

1125 NE 125th St, North Miami, Florida, United States, 33161

3. The Uruguayan American Chamber of Commerce


The Chamber of Commerce is a private, non-profit organization that was founded by professionals and business leaders in 1996. For over 20 years, the organization has been pursuing its main objective to promote business and personal relationships among its members within the U.S. and between Uruguay and the United States.

Strengthening Connections Through Networking and Support

The Chamber of Commerce serves as a beneficial platform to assist members by providing them with business and networking opportunities to increase their success. Furthermore, they are dedicated to establishing cross-cultural understanding between the United States and Uruguay by providing business insights, resources, and assistance.

Empowering People Through Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce believes in the power of commerce to bring people together and strengthen relationships between businesses, partners and the community across the USA.

Where Can I Find The Uruguyan American Chamber of Commerce?

1395 Brickell Ave, Miami, Florida, United States, 33131

4. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Tampa Bay

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Tampa Bay is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the economic development and growth of the Hispanic business community in the Tampa Bay area. They aim to empower and support Hispanic-owned businesses by providing access to resources, networking opportunities, and advocacy.

The organization has over 450 members and hosts events such as networking mixers, business expos, and educational seminars throughout the year to offer members valuable opportunities to connect with other members, potential customers, and partners. Our vision is to connect businesses with the objectives of facilitating new opportunities, strengthening business bonds with civics groups, and promoting international trade.

Become a Member

The Chamber is composed of a diverse group of businesses and individuals committed to the success of the Hispanic business community. It is encouraging for everyone to become a member and join the mission to support and empower the Hispanic community in Tampa Bay and beyond.

Where Can I Find The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Tampa Bay?

711 E Henderson Ave, Tampa, Florida, United States, 33602-2509

5. The Bangladesh American Chamber of Commerce


The Bangladesh American Chamber of Commerce is a for-profit corporation and affiliate of the Association of Bi-National Chambers of Commerce dedicated to creating trade opportunities and strengthening economic and industrial commercial relationships between the United States and Bangladesh. The Chamber’s mission is to empower its members to develop and promote trade while providing great cultural and economic opportunities and networks between Bangladesh and the United States. Atique Rahman serves as the President of the Chamber. It was first established in 2007, self-financing and drawing revenue from annual membership fees and revenue collected from events and publications it produces.

The Chamber’s Initiatives

The Bangladesh American Chamber of Commerce connects people by arranging business seminars and meetings to promote and introduce business to the public. In 2009, the Chamber launched its debut Trade Festival with subsequent years building on the festival’s model and continued success.

Where Can I Find The Bangladesh American Chamber of Commerce?

2761 NE 27th Cir, Boca Raton, Florida, United States, 33431-7547

6. The Indian American Chamber of Commerce


The Indian American Chamber of Commerce (IACC) has a strong partnership with the Orlando Magic, demonstrated through India Day, an event showcasing Indian culture in Central Florida. Since its inception in 2013, India Day has been the perfect example of how representation of Indian culture in the mainstream community creates a stronger bond between the IACC and Orlando Magic.

Uniquely Celebrating Community

The Ashoka Awards Gala is one event of the year dedicated to celebrating the Indian American community, entrepreneurs, professionals, and influencers. Giving awardees an honorable recognition for their dedication to the Chamber and the community is an invaluable experience. Additionally, the Annual Charity Golf Tournament encourages a friendly competitive spirit, bringing together a large group of 124 players yearly.

Where Can I Find The Indian American Chamber of Commerce?

1003 N Orlando Ave, Maitland, Florida, United States, 32751-4405

7. United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce


The Interamerican Chapter is a leading member of the US-Mexico Chamber of Commerce, a bi-national organization dedicated to facilitating trade and strengthening the economic ties between the two countries.

Promoting Business between US and Mexico

Since its re-launch three years ago, this chapter of the US-Mexico Chamber of Commerce has been committed to promoting business on both sides of the aisle, helping members to find new and creative ways of doing business. Jorge I. Carstensen is the current president serving until the end of 2023.

Strengthening Economic Ties

In light of the challenging times brought on by the pandemic, the Chamber has taken it upon itself to strengthen the economic ties between the US and Mexico. South Florida has become a hub for incoming businesses and talent from Mexico. The Interamerican Chapter works to help these companies find great business relationships and connections to strengthen ties between the two countries.

Where Can I Find The United States Mexico Chamber of Commerce?

2601 S Bayshore Dr, Miami, Florida, United States, 33133

8. Brazil-Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce


The Brazil-Florida Business Council, Inc. (BFBC) was established to create an understanding between the business communities of Brazil and Florida. It is an independent, not-for-profit business association based in Tampa, Florida. The BFBC aims to encourage and enable bilateral trade and investment opportunities in both regions.

The BFBC provides a space to share ideas, encourage networking and generate economic growth. As a non-governmental association, the BFBC receives support from membership dues. Representatives from member companies form a board of directors to manage the finances.

Supporting Businesses & Their Communities

The BFBC offers a range of benefits to its members. These include access to networking opportunities and a forum to exchange ideas. This assists businesses in reaching their full potential, nurturing economic growth, and opening up a greater range of opportunities.

Where Is The Brazil American Chamber of Commerce?

1101 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL 33131, United States

9. Italy-America Chamber of Commerce


The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Southeast is a fantastic business collaboration and non-profit corporation between the United States and Italy that the Italian Government officially recognizes. The organization is a part of the Association that brings together 80 Italian Chambers abroad and has more than 190 corporate members. They work hand in hand with the Consulate General of Italy in Miami to help boost the economic prospects for both nations.

What Does The Chamber Provide?

The Chamber offers various services, from market research and business matching with US importers to access to valuable guidebooks for those looking to establish their business in the USA. They also provide Italian members with a comfortable working space in Miami through ItalianLab.

Highlighted Members

Their members are some of the most influential brands of Made in Italy across various sectors such as food & beverage, logistics, and other dominant industries across the US.

Where Is The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce?

999 Brickell Ave #1002, Miami, FL 33131, United States

10. Venezuelan-American Chamber of Commerce


The Venezuelan-American Chamber of Commerce of the United States has several ambitious objectives for its members. They seek to link Venezuelan and U.S. businesses and also strive to promote their members in entrepreneurship, business relationships, networking, tourism, culture, commerce, and investments between the two countries. The Chamber is poised to ensure the success of its members due to the wide variety of objectives they are devoted to achieving.

Established History

The Venezuelan-American Chamber of Commerce is a long-standing organization established in 1991. This organization demonstrates the collective effort of Venezuelans and Americans to strengthen the business relationships between each country. It has strengthened the members of their Chamber over the past few decades and this organization has worked intensely to fulfill its mission while having a successful and productive history in the process.

Where Is The Venezuelan-American Chamber of Commerce?

8200 NW 41st St STE 200, Doral, FL 33166, United States

11. Swiss American Chamber of Commerce


The Swiss Amcham provides a platform for its members to stay connected and receive business news related to their sector. The Chamber organizes events such as seminars, panel discussions, and conferences that help members expand their business networks and engage in valuable business activities. The Chamber also plays an active role in helping Swiss companies in the United States and U.S. companies in Switzerland, making it an indispensable player in strengthening Swiss-American relations.

The Swiss American Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit organization offering numerous benefits to companies and members. These include activities such as upcoming and past events, business news from the Chamber, counseling, support services, and exclusive benefits. The membership is open to companies from different countries, and its employees may apply for membership. By becoming a member, one can stay up to date and benefit from networking and business opportunities.

Where Is The Swiss American Chamber of Commerce?

1200 Brickell Ave, Miami, Florida, United States, 33131-3202

12. The Colombian-American Chamber of Commerce


The Colombian American Chamber of Commerce USA (CACC-Miami) was founded in 1976 and helps promote the development and trade of large and small entrepreneurs. Through its membership, the Chamber of Commerce puts at the disposal of the 4,000 contacts it maintains services to identify economic opportunities and establish business relationships.

As part of the network of services it offers, the Chamber organizes multilateral, sectoral, and bilateral trade missions designed to strengthen trade relations between the USA and Colombia. Their services also extend beyond the USA, offering companies the opportunity to make a business trip with a work schedule prepared ‘based on their interests and gain knowledge about different markets of interest.

Connecting Companies and Establishing Networks

The CACC-Miami goes beyond connecting businesses but provides a platform for exchanging ideas and opinions between its members.

Where Is The Colombian-American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Miami ?

420 SW 7th St Suite 916, Miami, FL 33130, United States

13. Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce


The SACC Florida Chamber of Commerce was established to promote growth and prosperity between Sweden and the US state of Florida. It offers a comprehensive range of services for businesses and individuals with a clear focus on connecting them with knowledge, capital, industries, and business development organizations. Hosting various cultural and professional events allows members of the Chamber to meet and network with other individuals operating in the Swedish-American business community.

The Chamber provides the perfect gateway for pursuing business opportunities within the Swedish-American market. With its broad range of members from different backgrounds, you can be sure to find somebody who understands the nature of your business. Furthermore, the Chamber also offers different types of membership so that you can find the one that suits you best and further your professional goals.

Where Is The Swedish American Chamber of Commerce?

260 Crandon Blvd, Suite 32 PMB 192, Key Biscayne, FL 33149, United States

14. Ecuadorian American Chamber of Commerce of Miami


The Ecuadorian American Chamber of Commerce of Miami (Ecuachamber) is an impressive non-profit organization that unites Ecuador and the United States through trade and business ties. Founded in 1998, the Chamber has become an influential gateway to Latin American markets by introducing high-level professional networks with Febicham (the Federation of Binational Chambers of Commerce).

Welcoming Community and Benefits

Ecuachamber is the perfect, welcoming forum for corporate and business partners to grow and develop. Members of the Chamber benefit from free registration, invitations to various events and activities, access to the Digital Directory of Importers of Miami, special networking activities for students and companies, the possibility of landing a great internship, and more.

Where Is The Ecuadorian American Chamber of Commerce?

1640 Town Center Cir, Weston, FL 33326, USA

15. The Argentine American Chamber of Commerce


The Argentine American Chamber of Commerce of Florida is a non for profit organization with more than 30 years of experience whose mission is to represent and help the Argentine business community in Florida. To fulfill this mission, they take steps to promote the interests of our members. Through our partners listed in the Professional Services Portal, annual catalog, newsletters, communications, presentations, events, active networking, and Website, they stay abreast of updated information workshops, seminars, and special events. They also connect their members with government entities, private institutions, interest associations, companies, and organizations for economic, social, and cultural development.

Networking and Growing Your Business

The Chamber of Commerce allows its members to network and grow their businesses. Their diverse network opens up many opportunities to meet and conduct business with fellow members.

Where Is The Argentine-American Chamber of Commerce?

7255 Corporate Center Dr A, Miami, FL 33126, United States

16. The Spain-US Chamber of Commerce


The Spain-US Chamber of Commerce in Miami dedicates itself to promoting the development of solid and sustainable commercial ties between Spain, the US, and Latin American countries. It has more than 500 members who benefit from the chamber’s comprehensive services, helping them enter and expand their markets in the US. From providing international consulting and marketing services to facilitating the growth of current companies, this chamber is an essential source of support for businesses aiming to expand their operations across borders.

Facilitating Trade Ties Between Countries

The Spain-US Chamber of Commerce in Miami aims to facilitate trade relations between Spain, the US, and Latin America through innovative initiatives and services. Members of the chamber benefit from a range of services designed to help them capitalize on their growth opportunities, such as access to resources in their field, a global network for their business, and exclusive member discounts.

The Northwest Douglas County Chamber & Economic Development Corporation is a valuable resource for businesses in the Douglas County area. It connects businesses with resources and opportunities, helping them to grow and succeed. The Chamber’s strong membership and organizational leadership provide valuable advocacy and support, keeping the region at the forefront of business development. Additionally, the Chamber works with the public and private sectors to shape and provide healthy business policies.

Where Is The Spain-US Chamber of Commerce?

2153 Coral Way #400, Miami, FL 33145, United States

Chambers of Commerce Across The USA

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