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It is always possible to ask your employer for financial assistance or at least enquiring to see if there is a scheme in place. This may involve some kind of cash advance where you can get money upfront, or your salary paid in advance, or even some kind of salary advance where you can drawdown money from income already earned.

You should be able to have an open conversation with your employer, especially if they are a large employer, since this may be in place already – so you would typically speak to your HR department. But if it is a smaller company of just a few people, you can consider researching one of the schemes provided and presenting it to your manager or employer to see if it would be a good fit for your organisation.


Main Information:

  • Yes, it is possible to receive financial assistance from many employers across the US
  • Cash advances are the most common form of workplace assistance. This essentially means that your employer will grant you an early paycheck. 
  • In exceptional situations, you could be able to obtain employee relief funds. 
  • Some employers, such as Amazon, will provide employees with financial help if they want to return to further education.  


Does Every Employer Offer Financial Assistance? 

No, these schemes are not an option at every workplace. They are most common at large companies and companies that have high liquidity. These schemes are also common within companies who pride themselves on nurturing their workforce. 

The Covid-19 world saw these schemes providing economic relief funds to their employees. Employers such as Walmart and Korger offered wage rises and bonuses to their workers, while other companies froze their wages as they struggled to cover costs and make profits. 

Most employees who seek financial aid from work are in desperate times. For instance, they may need to cover unexpected medical bills, funeral costs, or to cover a home repair.


cash advance

Large employers, including Amazon, offer financial support to their employees.


What Forms Of Financial Aid Are Available? 

  • Cash Advances: These are advances on a future paycheck, meaning that you receive your payment early. This is the most common form of assistance from employers. They may include an interest free loan with your salary 30 days in advance. To repay this, your future paychecks may be diminished. 
  • Salary Advance/Finance Scheme: This is via a third party whereby you can draw down money directly from your upcoming salary. If you have worked 14 days of the month, you can receive that money upfront, rather than waiting for your pay date. But to avoid over-borrowing, this might be capped at 20% of your monthly salary.
  • Employee Relief Funds: These are funded by employers who contribute to public charities that provide employee disaster programs. These will only be available in exceptional circumstances, such as natural disasters.
  • Direct Payment To Workers: In extreme situations, Section 139 of the Internal Revenue Code dictates that employers may provide disaster relief payments to employees to cover necessary costs incurred within a federally declared disaster. The payments would be used to cover childcare costs, home office costs, medical costs, or funeral expenses. These payments will only be attainable if the payments are for expenses that are not reimbursable by insurance or other assistance.


I Want To Return To College. Can I Get Financial Assistance?  

Many employers are making strides in helping their workers with tuition reimbursement programmes, allowing them to go back to school and develop their knowledge and skills. 

Employers including Target, Walmart and Amazon are pioneering these efforts. 


Alternative Borrowing Options 

You could also consider alternatives, such as borrowing from a friend or loved one, selling items around the house, or seeking a payday loan.  

Overall, whilst not every employer is able to offer financial assistance, many large companies offer financial assistance programs. If you find yourself in need of support, ask your employer what options are available to you. 

Richard Allan

Richard Allan

Richard Allan is the founder of Capital Bean and a passionate writer about personal finance, budgeting and how to save money at home and work.

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