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Representative Example:
On an assumed loan amount of $750 over 12 months. Rate of interest 292% (fixed). Representative 171%APR. Total repayment amount $1351.20 and total interest is $601.20. 12 monthly payment of $112.60.*

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How Can Capital Bean Help Me Secure An $800 Loan?

When you apply for an $800 loan through Capital Bean, we will review your application and assess which of our trusted lenders can provide you with the best loan with the most competitive terms. As a broker, we do not provide you with funds ourselves. Instead, we work with a panel of regulated lenders and connect you with one. 

Our application is quick and simple. Applying online takes less than five minutes, if you have your personal details close by. Once you submit your application, we will review your application and let you know your approval status within five minutes. After that, you and your lender will agree upon terms, and you could have your cash in hand within 24 hours. 

You should only apply for this money if you truly need it. Remember, when you borrow $800, you have to pay it back – in addition to the interest on top of it. If your need is not pressing, then you should consider alternative means of funding, such as through a credit union or via a loan from a friend or family member. 

Why Should I Use Capital Bean?

At Capital Bean, we will consider your application, no matter your credit history. We understand that life can throw unexpected costs at you, and when that happens you can need money, and fast. That’s why our panel of regulated lenders are known for supporting borrowers with different financial histories. Some of our borrowers have perfect credit records, and some are trying to work from the bottom up. Our end goal is to match you with the best lender for you. 

We also only work with trusted lenders. We want to make sure that you and your money are safe, and that you’re receiving a seamless service. That’s also why we don’t hide any fees. What you see is what you get; our service is totally free. Should you receive a loan through us, we take a commission from your lender, meaning that no cost is added at your end. 

Am I Eligible For A Loan Through Capital Bean?

You most likely are, but you should check that you meet our criteria before applying:

  • Over 18 years old
  • A US resident
  • In employment
  • Earning a regular income 
  • Have an active checking account
  • Be able to meet your repayments

Strong credit history is an added benefit, but if this doesn’t apply to you, don’t worry! There are plenty of lenders who would be happy to help you, regardless of your credit score.

Can I Get An $800 Loan With Bad Credit?

Yes – you can get a loan with very bad credit and no matter your credit score, we will do our best to match you with a suitable lender. Our lenders are dedicated to helping anyone who needs cash, as long as you commit to paying it back. If you’re really concerned, you could apply for a no credit check loan, removing an element of stress from an already stressful time. 

If your credit score is slightly weaker than you’d like it to be, making repayments according to the terms of your contract can, itself, strengthen your score. Your credit score is a number between 300 and 850, and demonstrates how financially reliable you are to a lender. The higher the number, the more willing lenders will be to loan you money. 

When you do take out a loan, keep in mind that failing to make prompt and full repayments will lower your credit score, making future credit less easy to obtain. 

How Do Repayments Work?


When you take out a loan, you agree to a repayment plan which will be detailed in your contract. Usually, borrowers agree to making equal monthly repayments, which your lender will automatically withdraw from your checking account. These withdrawals are typically made on the same calendar date each month that you will choose. Most borrowers opt for this date to be their payday. 

The length of your repayment term will depend upon how long you need money for, and how long your lender is willing to wait until they receive their money back. Your repayment term could be as long as 48 months, but many will pay off their debt in as short a time as 2 weeks. 

What you will repay will be more than you borrow and this is because of interest, which represents the cost of your loan. At Capital Bean, we will help you secure the lowest rates available to you. 

Before signing a contract for a loan, you should be sure that you will be able to pay it back, and have a repayment plan in mind. Failing to repay your loan as you have agreed to can land you with increased interest rates, late fees, and damage to your credit score. 

Apply Today And Receive Your $800 Within 24 Hours!

Complete our quick, easy and entirely online application today for an instant on-screen decision and fast cash. 

Before applying, you should be aware of these personal details:

  • Contact Details (e.g. email, phone number)
  • The amount you are seeking to borrow (e.g. $800)
  • How long you will need the loan for
  • Your employment status
  • Your State ID or Driver’s License Number

When you apply, you will receive an almost instantaneous approval decision. If you are approved, you could have your funds in your checking account within 24 hours!