Borrow $300 loans today with Capital Bean. Instant online decision.

Capital Bean can help you borrow $300 no matter what your credit score. We will connect you with the broker that works best for you. 100% online. Money same day, next day or within 24 hours. Apply now.

Representative Example:
Apply today to borrow $300 over 3 months, at 400% APR. 3 repayments of $218.91. The total repayable amount is $518.91. 

I Need To Borrow $300 Today - How Does The Application Process Work?

Step 1
Apply Online

Apply online using our 100% free form to apply in less than 5 minutes on your phone or tablet.

Step 2
Instant On-Screen Decision

Receive an instant decision on your laptop, tablet or ipad from one of our lending partners who will offer the best rates for your circumstances.

Step 3
Receive Your Money

Within 1 hour, the same day or the next business day you will get your funds in your nominated bank account that you provided in your application.

How Do I Repay A $300 Loan With Capital Bean?

Once you have decided how much you want to borrow ($300, $400, $500 etc.) and how long you want to borrow the money (1, 2, 12 up to 60 months) then you will be told how much you need to repay each month. You will agree with your lender when the money will be taken out of your account and this date will be set. It is typically on your payday.

Every month you will then have the amount taken out of your account. Typically it will be the same amount each month as long as you make the correct repayments each month. If you miss a payment then the amount of interest that you owe could go up.

Where Can I Borrow $300 Loan In The US?

Across the US payday loans are legal in 37 out of 50 states. Capital Bean works across every state where payday loans are legal. The states where payday loans are most popular are Nevada, Texas, and California.

Where you live will determine the payday loan laws and how much you can borrow. There are some states with restrictions including South Dakota and Colorado. In some jurisdictions and states, it is illegal to get payday loans. New York and New Jersey are examples of states where it is illegal to get a payday loan.

Can I Borrow $300 If I Have Very Bad Credit?

Yes – you can borrow $300 if you have bad credit. We work with borrowers with a full range of credit histories and scores. We have a panel of lenders across the US that will consider your bad credit and will give you the best possible rates in your situation.

We are aware that having a poor credit history can sometimes be unavoidable – you get behind with your payments and then your credit goes down. This is why we work with a full range of applicants – we like to give people a second chance who have had challenges with their credit, including loans with no credit checks.

If you borrow $300 and pay it back on time it could actually improve your credit score. We don’t recommend this as a way to build credit but it is possible.


I Need The Loan Now – How Fast Can I Get It?

Our application process is 100% online and you will typically receive an instant decision from our lenders. After you get your decision you could get your money the same day, next day or the next business day after applying.


Am I Eligible For A $300 Payday Loan?

To be eligible for a $300 payday loan you must meet a certain number of criteria:

  • Have an active US checking account.
  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Be a US citizen
  • Full time employment
  • Monthly salary over $800 per month.


What If I Can’t Make A Loan Repayment For One Month?

If for whatever reason you cannot make a loan installment one month you might be charged a penalty or late fee for this. There’s also the danger that if you miss payments your credit score could be damaged. This is why it’s always important to make sure you can afford the repayments on any loan that you take out. It’s also important to let the lender know if you think you’re going to miss a repayment.

If you let the lender know that you might miss a repayment they might be able to work something out with you.

I’ve worked with lenders before – is Capital Bean a direct lender?

No, Capital Bean is not a direct lender but instead acts as a broker, connector or introducer service. We work with a number of lenders to make sure to introduce you to the one that works best for your circumstances. Over the years we’ve helped thousands of people meet the right lender for them at the right time. We never charge any fees to our borrowers, only taking a small commission from the lender if your loan application is successful

How long does it take to apply with Capital Bean?

Our online technology driven loan request application only takes 5 minutes to complete. After you’ve submitted all your information including your name, address and employment status then you’ll receive a quick decision from the lender, in most cases it’s instantaneous. If you are successful then the money can be in your account in under a day.