Borrow Money Instantly – Get Beans Today!

If you are looking to borrow money instantly, Capital Bean is here to help if you need to borrow $300, $500 or even up to $35,000. Our application form is completely online and will not impact your credit score. You can apply online today, with bad credit options too!

Why Should I Borrow Money Online with Capital Bean?

Capital Bean can help you borrow money instantly in the most effective and fastest way possible today. We act as a loans connection service and will match your application with more than 50 regulated and licensed lenders in the US who are eager to approve your loans right away.

We know that it can be difficult to get approved for loans with bad credit or get low rates if you do have a poor credit history. Our entire panel of lenders will consider different credit histories and we make sure to connect you with a lender that is most likely to approve your offer and give you the best offer for you.

Working with Capital Bean is completely free and there are no fees to submit an application for an online loan. There are never any hidden costs. We simply take a small fee from the lender if your application is successful – and we do not share your information with anyone else.

We are dedicated to affordable rates, responsible lending, and making sure that our customers get into a better financial position than when they started with us. Our clients can request a loan 24 hours a day and 7 days per week and there are no fees for applying and there never will be!


What Can An Online Loan Be Used For?

Capital Bean can find you an online loan when you need to borrow money. You will receive an offer from a lender who can provide same day loans to address urgent or unexpected financial needs. Here are some common reasons people turn to online loans:

  • Utility Bills: When faced with overdue utility bills, such as electricity or water, individuals may use short-term loans to prevent service disconnection and late fees.
  • Rent or Mortgage Payments: Some borrowers use short-term loans to cover rent or mortgage payments when they are temporarily short on funds. This can help avoid eviction or foreclosure.
  • Vehicle Repairs: When a vehicle breaks down, it can disrupt daily life and work commutes. Short-term loans can provide the necessary funds to repair or replace the vehicle.
  • Medical Expenses: Unexpected medical bills or necessary medications can be costly. Short-term loans can help cover these expenses until the next paycheck or insurance reimbursement.
  • Travel or Transportation: In some cases, people may need funds for essential travel, such as attending a family event or visiting a sick relative.
  • Debt Consolidation: While not as common, some individuals use short-term loans to consolidate high-interest debts. This approach can simplify repayments and potentially reduce overall interest costs.

Can I Borrow Money With Bad Credit?

Yes, if you are looking to borrow money with bad credit scores, Capital Bean can help. We work with a number of partners who are happy to offer bad credit loans and will be willing to take a view provided that you have a regular income and are committed to repaying your loan on time.

Whilst a payday loan is typically used for people with poor credit, we may also recommend alternative products such as a credit union, title loan or secured loan.

It is important that your credit is getting better and not worse – if you are making amends and getting used to paying other credit and loans on time, you can certainly borrow the money you need. You should always seek professional help if you are having financial difficulty and should not use loans to help pay off other revolving debt.


I Need To Borrow Money Instantly – Can Capital Bean Help Me?

Yes, if you are looking to borrow money today, we are able to offer instant loan approval and money can be funded within 15 minutes, 1 hour, same day or next business day.

With a completely online application, our lenders are often looking to process applications as quickly as possible. To speed things up, always make sure that you give accurate information such as your address, income and bank details – since this will move things along and avoid having to do additional checks.

And always make yourself available by email or phone, just in case the lender has follow up questions – and this can help approve and fund your loan as fast as we can!


What Types Of Loans Can I Get Online To Borrow Money?

Loan Type Features Advantages Disadvantages
Payday Loans – Very short-term, typically due on next payday 

– Small loan amounts 

– High interest rates and fees

– Quick approval process

– No collateral required 

– Accessible to borrowers with poor credit

– Can lead to cycle of debt if not repaid on time 

– High APR (Annual Percentage Rate) 

– Limited loan amounts

Installment Loans – Short-term, repaid in scheduled installments 

– Larger loan amounts than payday loans – Fixed interest rates

– Longer repayment terms 

– Can be accessible to borrowers with fair credit – May have lower APR compared to payday loans

– May require a credit check 

– High APR compared to traditional loans

Title Loans – Short-term, secured by vehicle title 

– Borrowers use their vehicle as collateral

– Larger loan amounts 

– Quick approval process 

– No credit check required

– Potential to lose the vehicle if not repaid 

– High interest rates and fees 

– Limited to borrowers who own a vehicle

Line of Credit – Flexible credit limit 

– Borrowers can withdraw funds as needed 

– Interest only on borrowed amount

– Revolving credit line 

– May have lower APR than payday loans 

– Allows for ongoing access to funds

– Requires good credit for favorable terms 

– May have annual fees 

– Temptation to overspend

Cash Advances – Short-term, often through credit cards 

– Quick access to cash

– Immediate availability 

– No collateral required

– Can be expensive due to high interest rates and fees 

– Limited by credit card limit 

– High APR on cash advances 

– Potential for credit score impact

How it Works

Step One

Apply online, enter your details 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and get an instant decision on the screen.

Step Two

Accept your loan offer and complete the loan agreement by electronically signing it using an email link and unique SMS code

Step Three

Go through our final checks and once fully approved, receive funds transferred to your bank account in 1 hour, 24 hours or the next business day!

What Should I Think About When Borrowing Money?

  1. Financial Need: Assess whether borrowing money is truly necessary. Is it for an essential expense or an emergency? Avoid borrowing for non-essential purposes.
  2. Budget: Review your current financial situation. Create a budget to understand your income, expenses, and how much you can afford to borrow and repay without straining your finances.
  3. Loan Amount: Determine the exact amount you need to borrow. Avoid overborrowing, as it can lead to unnecessary debt and higher interest costs.
  4. Interest Rates: Research and compare interest rates from different lenders. Lower interest rates can save you money over the life of the loan.
  5. Loan Term: Consider the length of the loan term. Shorter terms typically have higher monthly payments but lower overall interest costs. Longer terms may have lower monthly payments but can cost more in interest.
  6. Credit Score: Your credit score can affect your eligibility and the interest rates offered. If you have good credit, you may qualify for lower rates.
  7. Lender Reputation: Research lenders and read reviews to ensure they are reputable and transparent in their lending practices.
  8. Fees and Charges: Understand all fees associated with the loan, including origination fees, late payment fees, and prepayment penalties.
  9. Repayment Plan: Develop a clear plan for repaying the loan. Ensure you have a stable source of income to cover monthly payments.
  10. Legal and Regulatory Aspects: Understand the legal and regulatory aspects of lending in your state. Some types of loans may have specific regulations or restrictions.


Alternatives To Consider When You Need To Borrow Money:

Emergency Savings Fund 

Building and maintaining an emergency savings fund is one of the best alternatives to borrowing money online. By regularly setting aside a portion of your income, you can create a financial safety net to cover unexpected expenses, such as medical bills or car repairs, without the need for loans.

Borrowing from Family or Friends 

Consider reaching out to family members or close friends for financial assistance in times of need. Be sure to establish clear repayment terms and keep the arrangement formal to avoid straining relationships. Read our guide on borrowing from family and friends for further advice. 

Credit Counseling

Seek assistance from a reputable credit counseling agency. Credit counselors can help you create a budget, negotiate with creditors, and explore debt management strategies to improve your financial situation. They can provide guidance on managing debt without resorting to additional loans.

Read Our FAQs

How Much Can I Borrow?

Clients can borrow $100, $500 or as much as $35,000 and this is repaid over 1 to 60 months. The total amount you can borrow will depend on various factors including your credit history, outstanding debts and monthly income. For smaller amounts of $300 or $600, the loan term may only last a few weeks or months, but with large loan amounts of $2,000 or $5,000, you may be required to repay installments over several months or years.

Can I Borrow Money Instantly with Capital Bean?

Using our online form you can apply in less than 5 minutes using your desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet. Once the form is complete you will receive an immediate decision on the screen with a proposed loan offer. Should you wish to proceed, you will be asked to complete some final details including the electronic signing of the loan agreement and undergo some final checks. Once confirmed, your loan can be funded within minutes, 1 hour or the next business day.

Will Applying for a Loan Negatively Impact My Credit Score?

There will be no impact on your credit score when you apply for a loan with Capital Bean. One application will not impact your record but make sure that you don’t apply too regularly or make too many applications in a short space of time. This might look suspicious to other lenders because it could make you look desperate for money. 

During the loan decision process, we will run a credit check for each customer, but don’t panic, this is a soft search and will disappear shortly after, so it won’t impact your credit history in any way. Some lenders are even able to consider no credit check loans.

How Fast Can I Get a Loan?

Our loans are often funded on the same day of applying – and sometimes within 15 minutes or 1 hour of approval.

Smaller amounts such as $300 loans are usually a lot quicker to fund, especially if you have a stable employment and good or fair credit score. See fast cash loans for more information.

If you are looking to borrow larger amounts, this may undergo more checks by the lender to be sure –  just to make sure that you can afford it without any financial difficulty. Also, with larger amounts, this may take a day or a few days just to be transferred successfully into your bank account.

How Much Does it Cost To Borrow Money Online?

The cost of your loan will range from 9.9% to 600% APR depending on factors such as your credit score, your income, affordability and the length of your loan.

For good credit customers who are connected to unsecured or personal loans, your rates are likely to be closer to 9.9% APR, but for customers with bad credit or payday loans, these could be closer to 300% to 600% APR because there is more risk for the lender, but also because the loan is just a few weeks, it is compounded to make the APR seem a lot higher.

What is The Eligibility Criteria to Apply?

To borrow money from Capital Bean, you must be over 18 years old, a US resident, be in steady employment and make at least $800 a month (some lenders may accept $500). You also need a social security number and  live checking account for the money to be paid in to and to be collected from. Read our guide on whether you are eligible for a payday loan

What is The Minimum and Maximum Amount I Can Borrow at Once?

The minimum amount you can borrow through Capital Bean is around $100 and this will usually need to be paid back in full within 1 to 2 months. You can borrow a maximum of $35,000 and this is usually for people with good credit and a minimum income requirement – and this will likely be repaid in multiple installments.

How Do Loan Repayments Work?

Your loan repayments are processed automatically using a process known as ACH authorization. This allows for a smooth and automated repayment to be collected each month so that you do not have to make a manual payment, go to the bank or call up the lender directly – since this is all taken care of.

You will receive email and SMS reminders on the days leading up to each repayment, with the specific amounts owed too.

If you struggle to keep up with repayments, this could incur late fees and negatively impact your credit score. Always speak to your lender as soon as possible to discuss some flexible options.

Editorial Note:

Borrowing money, whether through online loans or other means, is a financial decision that should be made thoughtfully and with careful consideration of your current situation. While loans can provide temporary relief in emergencies, it’s essential to assess your options and financial health.

Before you decide to borrow money, take the time to evaluate your budget, explore alternatives, and compare offers from different lenders. Make sure that the loan terms align with your needs and repayment capacity.

Remember that responsible borrowing can help you navigate financial challenges, but it’s equally important to have a plan in place for repayment. Your financial stability and future goals should always be a priority when considering borrowing.


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